Saturday, August 9, 2014

Time keeps going...

Time is still moving. To me, it feels like time is rushing by at break neck speeds. Which is a complete contrast to how Mom is feeling these days. Doing chemo and radiation week after week, time drags on for her. The one good thing, is that so far, on weekends we seem to be able to get her rallied and eating. Yesterday she had a craving for chipped beef and gravy with biscuits. I ran and got the ingredients, came back and whipped it up. Mom ate a few of them, and then a couple hours later ate a couple more. Any of my friends can tell you, I love feeding people. So when someone who hasn't really eaten much all week starts to rebound and nourish themselves here, I feel a weird sense of accomplishment.

But that's not my only feeling of accomplishment this week! I finished up the last of the quilts for Melanie Testa too! The labels were all sewed on by 6:00 pm last night and I was happy to see the stack of them out on the new porch!

New porch! That's right! We had our open deck area completely redone and converted part of it into a screened in porch. On top of that porch are six solar panels, to go with the eighteen panels on the front side roof! And this past Wednesday our sofa for out there arrived and I am in love! I have spent most of my days out there, hand stitching and listening to Audible books.

I'm not the only one enjoying the porch either! Our strictly indoor kitties Zoey and Penny are enamored with the area. They even slept out there last night into the dark hours with mood lighting surrounding us.

I leave for a little vacation for Arizona on Wednesday, but for now I hear some Peppered Cottons calling my name to be whole cloth pieces! Have a great weekend!


  1. It is an accomplishment to get one to eat when they have health issues. I've got one of those here myself and I know your accomplishment feelings! Good on you.

    Love your newly enclosed porch. It's beautiful. Especially love the rug. Your kitties know a good thing when they see it.........I'd sleep there too. I used to have a screened porch and miss it so much so your post bought back great memories for me.

    1. I plan on sleeping out there some night too!

      I hope things are going well in your caregiving process! Thanks for reading my post. :)

  2. Great post. I hear contentment and home.

  3. I am so happy I arrived here vis Melanie Testa! I love following links from one place to the next. A bit like Alice in Wonderland I'd say! Thank you for the inspiration.