Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Quilter's Unite! A Little Girl and Her Mom Need You!

Hi people! Here's the deal, my friend and fellow quilter, Stephanie Adams is faced with asking for help for her daughter Savannah. She has started a GoFundMe campaign for her, and I will copy and paste her story here - she can say it better than I can anyways! Please consider donating something (every little bit counts people!)

We are the Adams Family and our daughter, Savannah, who is 13 y/o has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delays.  Savannah was born at 25 weeks and weighed only 1 lb. 4 oz.  She has overcame many obsticles as well as made great strides but she has gotten to the point where it's hard for Wes & me to lift her into the minivan. Back in November we sent paperwork into insurance for a Bruno Valet seat.  We decided the valet seat over a full handicap conversion because Savannah can walk with assistance, can sit by herself and has great head and trunk support.  Savannah is currently in a manual wheelchair which can be carried to the rear of the minivan and that's another reason why we chose the Bruno valet seat over the full handicap conversion.  Also, because Wes's work is self insured we wanted to save them money by going with the Bruno seat which saves them $17,300.00.  Insurance states that they will cover a full handicap conversion every 3 years but they won't cover a Bruno seat which can be transferred to another vehicle that is the same make & model with the exception of paying for installation.  
Today we received the denial letter stating that under exclusions and limitations that the Bruno seat is an item for comfort and convenience therefore is not a covered benefit.  We have reached out to organizations and charities however we exceed the income guidelines. 
Our goal is to raise $8,600.00 for Savannah to get a Bruno valet seat for the minivan. Any donation, no matter how small, would be of great help. Even if you can't contribute, please share and pass along the link to others.  
Wes, Stephanie & Savannah Adams

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seriously. Mind Your Own Damn Business!

I have had some continuing thoughts on the minding your own business aspect of being an artist. I will admit something to you now. I have often times, found myself feeling my work was being “threatened” because another fiber artist was moving into a similar technique or medium. I tend to physical tense up, feel defensive and think “Great, now that so-and-so is doing it, why should I even bother?”

I experienced that feeling this morning, so I tried to pull immediately from things I’ve learned in Art&Fear. I came back yet again to minding my own damn business. So what if someone is using a similar technique, or even the SAME technique. It’s really none of my business. Even if we used the exact same project ingredients, our pieces will be completely different. (Keep in mind, I am not referring to instances of someone copying me here, that’s a whole other subject and not what I’m talking about.)
Took a picture of the kaleidoscope outside the Lowell Observatory back in January

What struck me today, was how ridiculous it would be if an oil painter saw another painter using oils and got upset and twitter pated. I mean, no one has the monopoly on oil paints, right? Or watercolors, or acrylics… So why would any of the mediums that can be used in conjunction with textiles be “owned” by anyone. 
At the Lowell Observatory

If I spend my time worrying about what someone else is doing with the medium, then I’m not being very productive and perfecting my craft/skills am I?

So, here’s to another lesson in minding your own damn business! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planning for Surgery

Found out this afternoon that I will in fact be having surgery on April 25. It’s for a torn post-tibial tendon. They will repair the tendon, cut and move my heal bone to correct my flat foot, and will cut my calf muscle and lengthen it to fix that (apparently I was born with calf muscles that aren’t long enough for my frame, who knew?)
Bleach discharge piece - more images next time of full piece

I’m already starting to gather my thoughts for setting up my studio on the main floor so I can continue to work during the time that I’m not able to really use stairs well (if at all.) I’m already planning things I can do while I can’t easily sew - even sewing with my left foot, it would be difficult when the right still needs to be elevated.

I’ve never had a surgery before. While I am scared, I am also excited at the prospect of being able to walk pain free for the first time in I can’t recall how long. (Seriously, I really can’t remember a time I haven’t had foot pain!)
Bleach discharge piece - more images next time of full piece

I am thankful and proud that I am already planning ways to keep my artwork going. I know it will possibly be a long and difficult recovery, but I am excited at what’s at the end!