Monday, July 29, 2013

Ugh - Crappy Modern Quilting

Ugh - Crappy Modern Quilts
Flipping through Modern Quilts Unlimited and am saddened by how many of the quilts featured are poorly quilted, in that there are large areas un-quilted amidst areas of dense quilting leaving horrible sagging areas. Again; you can make a modern quilt without it being poorly executed. Can we please go back to showing the best of the best in publications to give learner a something to strive for rather than teaching them crappy is okay?

I get it. It's modern. It's "simple". But that doesn't mean it has to be so shoddy.

Modern quilters want to make functional pieces. So why on earth would you leave such HUGE areas un-quilted, thus shortening the life of your functional quilt?

Publications, can we please get back to having higher standards for quilts for press?


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  2. Thankfully, I don't resemble that remark. I'm in this issue, but I don't feel that it's possible to see how much my quilt is quilted. There aren't any closeups of my quilting, just two pics, "on site" and a picture of what it looks from the top. In general, though, I think part of it is that the interest in the form of "modern" quilts has overtaken the function. People want to be seen as "different" from traditional quilts, and so they try doing something they consider to look modern and fresh and new, and in the process have forgotten that the rules for distance between lines of quilting and stitch length are there for a reason. I don't know if this is because there are so many new quilters who haven't had the education about how batting works, or are really deciding to trust the companies who say you can quilt so many inches apart but... the proof will come out in the wash over time, sadly.

    1. Nope, your quilt is lovely and evenly quilted! I am curious where they got those quilted pillow cases (I notice they have the matching coverlet under your quilt too.$

  3. It's funny, I was wondering the same thing!