Friday, December 13, 2013

The Choices We Make

I'm sitting in my hotel room in Manhattan. My best friend is off with Melly to see the Statue of Liberty, but I'm here. There are two reasons why I'm still on the bed: 1. Yesterday we walked close to ten miles, and it created a blood blister on my big toe. 2. My tibial tendon has freaked out and I currently can not flatten my right foot out enough to walk on it. I've had this tendon issue for a couple years now, and if I do a lot of walking I have a flare up.

I take no responsibility for the blood blister - I walked 5 miles the day before with no blister, I had no idea this would happen. I need to take responsibility for the tibial tendon (most of the responsibility anyways.) I have absolutely no arches so this could be an issue no matter what, but it's definitely worsened a lot by my weight. I am much, much too overweight and clearly I need to lose the weight or I am going to run in to more and more of these situations as I get older.

I know this isn't a health and fitness blog, but I doubt I'm the only quilter with weight to lose. I love eating and I love quilting, which means I eat and sit. That clearly isn't a pathway to health and fitness. So I need to make changes. The majority of my movement will come from swimming (safer and easier on my tendons and knees!) But I think there are ways that I can work moving into my quilting and art life. I can start frequenting the museums in the Twin Cities, combining art with walking!

While I am saddened that I am going to miss out of some of the activities I had planned to go to here in NYC, I am going to try and be thankful and mindful for this (extremely painful) wake up call. I am hopeful that this time it will "click". Most of what I'm dealing with is the result of choices I have made, and I haven't been making good choices. (The old you've made your bed now lie in it thing.)

I'd appreciate any success stories any of you might have to share on this issue. I'll take all the encouragement I can get.


  1. I'm so with you. I want to be able to go snorkeling in Australia when we move, but I lose my breath way too easily to do it. Maybe we could buddy up? That doesn't mean we have to work out together, or anything, just be a like-minded support system for each other.

  2. I'm on the same page. I had lost ~15#s in the last yr and 1/2 but I'm on the uprise again lately. I have to stop this eating all the sugar in sight and get back on my Wii Fit Plus. So this a.m. I did the Yoga and saw I gained 7#s. WAAT! So I did three of the poses on my routine. Tomorrow I'll do all 5 which is still only 10 min., but it does keep me flexible and less achy. Try Yoga either at home or in a public class (which I don't do). Good luck.

  3. I feel your pain! Would orthotic inserts help? (They are expensive; but have helped me with my foot pain which is not your issue; but I do have flat arches too!)

  4. Steph, Schedule your fitness into your day. Even if it is just 15 minutes of going up and down the stairs, dancing, etc. For me, I was in Miami four years ago and I have not looked back since. We can take control of what needs to be controlled. Perhaps a buddy would be helpful for you. The one thing I never try to miss is a Monday workout. It sets the tone for the week. You can do it, I know you can! Look at all the beautiful art you make. That takes time and commitment. So I know that you have that in you! I am always an email away if you need anything! Have fun in NYC!

  5. I think your swimming and museum+art are great because they are something you like and will inspire you to continue. I started two classes a week with line dancing. It is fun, the people are great and I am excited when Tues & Fri come along. Gets me out and about and lots of things along the way bring ideas and inspiration for art making. Best Wishes to you on your road to better health for 2014!!!!! : )