Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Spy a Chunky Wee Bag!

A fantastic trio of fabrics - not to mention that snazzy key chain!
I'm pretty excited to have just finished my first project for the Spool Stitch Corps! When the opportunity came up to try out the Chunky Wee Bag pattern, I immediately went for it! I mean, can a girl EVER have too many bags? (Husbands need not chime in here, thank you very much!) And boy, when I saw the fabrics that Spool sent - I was NOT disappointed!

The cutting directions are pretty straight forward. One thing it doesn't mention on the back, is that you will need some foam core board or the like for the bottom of the bag. The bag went together pretty quickly. I did do a test bag first (with my own fabrics) and I have to say, by the time I did the second one it went like a breeze. That means you still have plenty of time to knock some of these bags for CHRISTMAS!

When it says to slow down for those thick seams - DO IT! I didn't heed the warning (as usual) and broke a needle! Besides, slowing down while sewing my second bag for the thick seams (this is only an issue really at the very end, i.e. last seam sewn), helped to make sure I was keeping that nice quarter inch seam allowance.

Ready to get started?

Shopping List:

Chunky Wee Bag Pattern
Mini Houndstooth Fabric
Fox and Houndtooth glasses on grey
Betty's Red by Moda
Fusible Fleece

*Elastic hair tie and button or 4" of velcro
*Optional .25 yd canvas for extra strength in pockets (I just used the fusible fleece)
*You might want some plastic template material for the two different templates, but not required

Labeling each piece as I cut them really (REALLY) helped the project move along much faster. And just look at that glasses frames fabric! 

Racing stripe! As you can see, I went with the elastic hair tie fastener on this one, and I must say I do prefer it over the velcro option (personal choice!) You just need an elastic hair tie and a button of your choice.

I went ahead and put in the handy keychain ring tab as well. I will do the same when I make one of these for myself too, as I CONTINUALLY lose my keys to the dark recesses of the bottom of my purse.

Now isn't THAT a handsome bag? You can stop by Spool soon and see it!

There you have it! Now stop in Spool, or hop onto their online shop and get your materials for making the Chunky Wee Bag now!