Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Ways to Use Angelina Fibers - Tutorials

If you're like me, you find products at the quilt, craft, and art stores that you just HAVE to have! Then six months later, you're cleaning up your studio and find the product and think to yourself "I should use this..but what do I do with it?"

For a long time I had this exact issue with my Angelina Fibers. So one day I decided to just play with them. I experimented with many ideas, some worked, some did not. Here are five that I really liked!

5. Stamping:
Here you can use those foam stamps you have from the craft stores. The simpler the shape, the better it tends to turn out.

Here I've done a small leaf stamp:

 4. Trapping:
In this technique you place angelina down on your parchment, then place an item like tinsel, sparkly threads, silk flowers then place another light layer of angelina on top. Place parchment on top then iron for a few seconds.

Here's a sample of tinsels trapped in angelina:

3. Textures: 
In this technique you put angelina sheeting or loose fibers in between or on top of textural items. Check these out!

Netting: Put the sheet between two layers of netting, place parchment on top, iron for a few seconds pressing down firmly. The pink is the angelina sheet, the darker is the loose fibers.

You can also use the netted lingerie bags too!

You can also place the angelina on top of texture items - especially things like these very affordable woven placemats:

2. Roving:
In this technique you get to use two things you may have stockpiled and not done a whole lot with yet; roving and angelina. You simply take a little of both, put them together and tug, pull and mash it together until it looks the way you want. This can then be needle felted into other pieces.

1. Angelina Beads:
You can even use angelina fibers to make beads! Check out my video on how to do it! (Please keep in mind I am just starting to learn my video editing software!)


  1. Thanks! I'm having fun learning to use the video editor.

  2. Great tutorials and video! I never knew you could do so much with Angelina! I'd like to link it to my blog.

  3. Great video and editing. And a new unique way to make Angelina beads! I'll definitely link to you.

    Betty Blais
    Embellishment Village

  4. Thanks Betty! I'm always happy to do link exchanges!

  5. Great vid! It's brilliant to actually see someone do it before you try it yourself. Gives you a few more ideas and quicker successes always make playing more fun :) Thank you!

  6. Just wondering; if you can submerge this fiber after bonding it. How stable would it remain? Also, would it retain its properties in resin?

  7. I would recommend washing it by hand gently, and the then let it air dry. As to the resin, I don't know! I've never worked with resin. The fibers react, bond and also change colors when exposed to varying levels of heat. Let me know the results if you try it in resin!

  8. Brilliant. Love the tutorial video

  9. Thank you so much!! I've done some of those but not all. Exciting new possibilities!


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