Friday, June 4, 2010

High Art Quiltspiration

I recently visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and was greeted by an incredible quilt opportunity before I even went inside!

Not only was the architecture inspiring, but so was the nature:

I was there to see the Foot In The Door exhibit (FITD), which happens every ten years and I was fortunate to be a part of this year! FITD is an exhibit in which ANYONE can bring in art to be displayed at the museum, provided it fit into a 12" x 12" box!

There was a little bit of time to wander the rest of the museum, so I decided to grab some photos of pieces throughout the exhibits that were fiber:

There were also plenty of pieces there that were quiltspirations from a variety of mediums:

My favorite piece at the museum is this one:

I decided to take this piece, and use it as inspiration for a small wall hanging project. Check it out!

We have added a Tutorial section to the blog, please check the top of the blog for the "Tutorials" button for info on how to make this project!

Have you interpreted a photo of something, and put it into fiber form? We'd love to show it here on The Fiber Nation! Just send the original photo and a photo of your piece along with your name and we'll try and do a special posting on readers "quiltspiration" pieces! Email us at!

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  1. I love the piece you made from the inspiration piece! You really inspire me.