Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I finally had time to play a little more with the stencils that I got at Market this spring. I had previously used them for discharging. This time, I decided to use them as a stamping stencil, and am afraid I may have a slight addiction to it!

I tried different paints to do the stamping with: Jacquard's Lumiere and Pebeo's Setacolor, as well as Jacquard's Textile. All of them worked really well!

I did not used any adhesives to hold down the stencils for this project, I just held it down, and took my time with a sponge stamping brush.

I started with the main "big" stamps I wanted to use, which was a branch with leaves on it. You can see if looks a tad messy when the stencil is still over it:

As long as I used a light touch and did not over load the stamping brush with paint, the edges came out very strong and crisp:

 Then I put in some of the dragonflies and butterflies.

The Lumiere's I have are a bit "sticky", so I had to be extra vigilant in making sure I did not goop up the brush too much. Blotting it on a paper towel really helps to keep it at a good level. Also, as you can see, for small brushes I work out of the lid of the paint well, also to avoid getting too much on the brush.

I haven't had time to quilt it yet (we had house guests for about a week and a half, and I wanted to take advantage of every moment they were here!) But, here is the piece after stamping:

At first I wasn't sure about the black, but now as I look at it on my design wall every now and then, I really think it helps the black discharged piece pop! I can't wait to start quilting this piece - and embellishing!!

Stay tuned...up next with The Fiber Nation we will be showing one way to repair an old quilt!

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