Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Superior Threads Overview

While I was at Quilt Market, I had the opportunity to fill a basket at the Superior Threads booth! I had recently switched to using Superior's pre-wound Super Bobs bobbins, and decided to try some of their other lines!

I have been making the switch to higher quality threads, after finally realizing the "cheap" threads I was buying, simply were NOT working in my machine. I will say, you certainly get what you pay for!

Here are a few of the threads they offer, that I picked up.

Razzle Dazzle by Ricky Tims:

First of all, these threads are meant for bobbin work. Meaning, you mark the backside of your quilt, and you use these thick chunky threads in your bobbin.

I did find that it's best to avoid winding the bobbin too full, or it wont' fit properly into the bobbin casing. I also found that my winder on my Bernina 1260 would click off before the bobbin was properly full, so I left it on the winder and hand wound after the auto shut off.

I set my top tension quilt loose, a 3 on my machine. I did not have to adjust my bobbin casings tension at all.

Here you can see the Razzle Dazzle on both white and black fabric.

When using these threads you will want to match the main color thread as closely as possible, or it tends to show.

Here are some close ups. I really like how it appears to almost be couched onto the fabric. It is a bit strange to work from the back of the quilt.

If you're doing something very detailed that needs to be perfectly lined up, I would recommend using a water soluble thread, stitching from the front the quilt lines. Then flip it over, and follow the lines from the back, using the Razzle Dazzle in the bobbin! It would give you a precise line to follow for the bobbin work.

One thing that would be really nice, would be to see pre-wound bobbins of Razzle Dazzle! Especially since it's so large you don't fit as much on a bobbin, as regular thread. This means more bobbin winding than when using regular weight thread.

Glitter threads:

These pretty Glitter threads quilted up really nicely! I did need to switch and use a thread stand (that I normally use for my cone threads.) I kept the top tension loose, and slowed down my free motion movements.

The light catches easily on these threads, and it "corners" well too! The only issue I found is that the thread does break now and then, if you are going back and forth over itself too much - I assume the thread may be a bit "sharp" on the edges.

The blues area beautiful!!

There is also a very nice gold available!


The Rainbow threads are wonderful on both light and dark fabrics. These quickly became a favorite for variegated threads! I currently only have these four colorways, but I can't wait to get more!

The green you see on the bottom left of the black sample is perfect! The shade blend into one another so effortlessly.

I can't wait to use these threads in a larger piece!

There are a TON of color options available for these.

Look how nicely it looks in feathers!


The Metallic threads from Superior, are just that, Superior! This is honestly, the first metallic that I have been able to use, and not want to pull my hair out from frustration of thread breakage.

I did learn that with my machine, I need to use free standing thread holder with the thread, to prevent "pulling" that can often happen when using the thread on the machine's thread holding area.

It does not always like going back over itself however. I did have the needle break once, but I'm not sure if it was from that, or if the needle had simply gotten too dull.

Don't the stars look cute?

Those are the new threads I picked up from Superior Threads and tried! If you have any questions, or your own tips and hints I'd love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more from The Fiber Nation!

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