Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Focus:

I have a tendency to just type "fiber art" into google image search, and take a chance at what will come up. This can often send me into lost hours of just clicking on random fiber art images and drooling over other artist's works. So, I thought I would bring this to you this time!

Tonight, the first image that really grabbed my attention was this piece by Sandra A. Brick from Textured Elements:

Web by Sandra A. Brick

Oddly enough, the image came up initially through an article about the Textile Center here in Minnesota! Sandra is an artist creating her works right here in Minnesota! I quickly found her personal page via the article and her work is so beautiful!

Ground Mist by Sandra A. Brick
Dusk by Sandra A. Brick
Fire and Ice by Sandra A. Brick
You must, must, must go explore her site, her works is amazing! I plan on doing some research into the workshops she has listed, in particular the one called "Creativity"! All of these images are directly from her site, go explore now!

From time to time, I will post a new Random Focus, where I zoom in on an artist from random Google searches!

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