Monday, October 4, 2010

Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski!

I just got word this afternoon that I will be on Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski this Wednesday! The show starts at 3pm EST, so pop in to TOGINET Radio to hear the live show with Mark! Just click "Live On Air Click to Listen" to hear the show at 3pm EST (2-4 CST, 1-3 MST, 12-2 PST)!

I am SO incredibly excited to be able to experience this and hope you'll listen and support Mark's radio show - he sure does a lot for our community! I admit I am nervous to be on the show, and I am not sure what to expect. Given that it's Mark though, it's sure to be fun, sassy and great!

Also, be sure and click the BOM on the top menu bar here to get the third part of the BOM Mystery set! I plan on starting mine soon and I'll share it as soon as I do.

Stephanie Forsyth


  1. Yahoo!!!!! You will do fine!!!

  2. What a fun day you will have! I'll be at work; so you are going to have to post what your experience was like!!!