Thursday, October 7, 2010

Foiled Again!

Sometimes a piece needs a little extra shine on it, and a good way to do that is with foils! So here are a few ways to use them!
Things you will need:

Ironing board, iron, foils, stitch witchery, wonder under, parchment paper

Stitch Witchery - Applied To Foil:

In this method, I simply fuse the stitch witchery to NON shiny side of the foil (shiny side up, with the fusible underneath):

Then I can cut the foil into whatever shape I need, here I cut out a heart. Place foil, fusible side down, cover with parchment and iron.

Once cooled a bit, slowly peel the foil away from the fabric.

Wonder Under - Applied To Foil

Just like the stitch witchery method, but we have a paper backing to peel off after ironing the foil to it. Then cut out shape, iron to fabric, then peel the foil back slower.

Fusible To Fabric First:

In this method, I cut my fusible out the shape that I want, then place it down on the fabric. (**note** For the Wonder Under you must peel the paper backing away from the fusible webbing.) In the image below, the left side is Wonder Under, the right is stitch witchery.
Lay the foil over the fusible piece, shiny side up. Cover with parchment paper and iron. When cool enough to touch, slowly peel the foil back.

Now get out those foils from that class you took years ago, and have fun playing!


  1. Sometimes I like to put fusible into a coffee grinder and break it into tiny pieces to be used with foils....

  2. Wow Melly! I think I have to try that today! Thanks!