Monday, November 1, 2010

Design, Paint & Stitch with Judy Coates Perez

My copy of Design, Paint & Stitch with Judy Coates Perez from the Quilting Arts Workshop line.

I love the work Judy does, and was so excited to find this video! I was not disappointed!  The 61 minutes are perfectly organized going from what you need to do what Judy does, all the way through to finishing the edges!

The tips she shares, are so helpful (I won't spoil them!). I will say that she answers a lot of questions that I had always wondered about when seeing her work. I think my favorite part was her showing how she gets the different shades of colors for shading - she mixes the gradient colors directly on her pallette.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Judy for pointing out the tiling option on Adobe Illustrator. This is for when you have a drawing that is larger than the letter size page. It automatically tiles the image onto multiple pages so you can tape it together!

I highly recommend that you get this video if you've ever wanted to try the whole cloth painting like Judy! Great job Judy, and thanks to Interweave/Quilting Arts for bringing out yet another helpful and informative video!

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