Friday, February 4, 2011

Organizing My Blog

Some exciting things have been happening for The Fiber Nation, and I'm excited about a special guest writer we'll be having here throughout the year! This is someone who was there when I was just starting out with traditional quilting - and is still there today inspiring and helping other quilters! (Stay tuned in the coming weeks for that announcement!)
Having a guest writer however, has forced me to get my butt in gear, and start organizing the blog! Up until now, I have just posted when I want/can/get to it. But when you have others involved, you need to have dates for them to work with! Given that we finally had a sunny and WARM (okay, 35 degree) day here in Minnesota, I was inspired! I got to work - nothing like someone you admire giving you a nudge (intentional or not!) to get you going!
So I spent many (six!) hours today drawing out and scheduling in articles/posts from February through December of this year! It was daunting at first, but I finally found an outline format method that helped me organize my categories and ideas into a manageable list for plugging into the post dates!
It has been a really tough winter this year. It seems like we are constantly under winter weather advisory, between freezing rains, blizzards and dangerously low temperature. Spring is just around the corner, but it can still feel very far off when it gets crummy outside and another alert pops up! So I'm looking forward to having my "homework" list from the schedule to keep me going despite any creative funks that I might feel I'm falling into! Maybe this organized responsible adult thing has merit? *wink*

I'll close with an image that pretty much sums up this winter, and keep in mind that it was about -20 windchill when this picture was taken. (Yes, that's me!)
There is a fairly tall tree in the midst of that - you can see one of the limbs sticking out just above my head. I was standing about a foot or so from the wall of snow! (Just so you know, under that snow it is FLAT ground!)


  1. Stephanie,

    I title blog posts for the future, use the posting option on the new post page and set them up for the future as drafts. Keeps everything on the computer.

  2. Been making lists most of my life as you know. Welcome to list world. Mine is very full this year. But, surprisingly it is going smoother than it ever has to get things done.

    Good luck with your new program. I'm excited and anxious for your special guest to appear.

  3. Lists and an organized calendar are the way to go. I look forward to your future posts!