Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Embellisment Ideas: Hot Fix Crystals

Sometimes you need just a little something extra on a piece, something sparkly and dazzling! (Who doesn't?) One easy way to do this, is with hot fix crystals.

What Are They?
Hot fix crystals are crystals with a layer of adhesive on the back flat side that becomes sticky when heat is applied. The crystals are available in different materials and cuts. Some are glass, and some are true crystals. Glass is more affordable, if you're not looking to make a great investment (particularly if you are going to need hundreds or thousands of them.) The cut will also affect how much light is refracted. Just like diamonds. There are many options and colors available. (See below for links to resources for hot fix crystals.)

All you need are the crystals, and either a hot fix tool or an iron. The hot fix tools come with a variety of tips that screw on, to accommodate the many different sizes and shapes the crystals come in.
This is how I do it:

I get the crystal placed where I want it:
Then I hold either the hot fix tool, or the tip of the iron on the crystal, then gently press downward. Be careful not to flick the the crystal off into the room by pressing too hard! I press for five to ten seconds at a time, checking in between each press how "stuck" the crystal seems. You want it to not pull away from the fabric.

 That's it! It's super simple! Here are just a couple quick examples of what you can use these crystals for:


http://www.i-kandi.com/ (**so far, this is the only company I've ordered from, had no problem**)

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