Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Studio Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Time?

Most of us don’t like to spend a lot of time cleaning our studios, but we know it’s a necessary evil! Fortunately, there are some things that can make our work a little bit easier.

I’ve found some products that I find really useful and want to share them with you.

Here’s my arsenal:

Citra-Solv: I use this product, found at Whole Foods for cleaning off spray adhesives like 505 as well as getting paintstick marks off my tables! Works wonderfully with microfiber towel and a scrubber!

Mrs. Meyers: I use this to do a general cleaning of my tables, counters, etc.

Wipes: I grab one of these to wipe the dust of my tables really quick if surprise company is stopping by.
Microfiber Towels: These works great on my work tables at getting most surface design materials off my tables; paints, paintsticks, adhesive sprays, etc.

Two Sided Sponge Scrubber: I usually take these and cut them into fourths to get more pieces and have less waste. They scrubby side is perfect for getting paint off tables! (Just be careful, some tables may have a finish to fine to use abrasive scrubbers on!)

Lint Roller: I use this at my longarm after each roll to catch any loose threads/fibers


One of the biggest things I have been implementing in my studio since I’ve been hunkering down and taking it more serious as a business, is taking a little time each time I’m in the studio to tidy up a bit. The smallest things can make a big difference:

I try to clear at least some of my tables each time I got in - even if I just put a few things away
I vacuum most days that I sew around my sewing area, and where threads tend to collect. (This helps things look better, and also is safer if you have pets!)
Put away what I used that day if I’m done with it

Believe me, my studio is not perfectly clean, but it’s definitely better than it was a year ago!

Have a good cleaning tip you want to share? Leave a comment here!


  1. Citra-Solv melts the ink on National Geographic pages...can use in mixed media art!

  2. It is very convenient for me to clean with wipes. It is a bit more expensive, but it is an easy and straightforward way to remove dust. There are several brands available, but I mostly use the ones you recommended, because apart from cleaning, they disinfect the surfaces.