Friday, May 20, 2011

Glad To Be Home!

I find myself wary of writing this piece, because as the old saying goes, "You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth." Hopefully fate will spare me for sharing! I'm so glad to be home and back in my studio.

I feel incredibly inspired in my art right now. Things feel smooth in the studio, and I'm making some decisions that will solidify my career path more. For one thing, I have decided to sell my longarm, in order to get some things I need for my studio! (This will also allow me to fit more students in my studio!) If by chance you are interested, you can find the listing for my machine here. I plan on purchasing another machine in the future, when the time is right.

Which brings me to the next thing. I plan to start having classes in my studio. I am in the process of organizing and planning classes currently. I'm still scared, but I need to do this! I love sharing the things I know about quilting and surface design, and there is no reason I shouldn't be able to make a little money doing so.

There are just moments in your life, when something just clicks and you know you're on to something. I'm in the midst of one of those wonderful experiences now! I'm pleased with the results so far!
Quilting with Molly Poly thread - birds are thread painted, leaves and branches are paintsticked
My biggest challenges coming up are designing and planning the classes and figuring out how to get people signed up! Hopefully the universe will send me some guidance!

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