Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fiber Art Now Magazine - Thank Goodness!

Over the summer, the fiber arts community suffered a loss. That loss was the ending of Fiber Arts magazine. Most of us were shocked when we received our "last issue" with a note from the editor that it was to be the last issue.

I was sad, and I have to admit a little worried. It's no comfort when an industry magazine goes under, and you're part of that industry! I was a bit concerned about the future of fiber arts, when our one dedicated periodical failed. Did it mean something for our medium? Had we lost our opportunity to really get fiber arts out there and into the fine art world?

Then the word got out. A new fiber art magazine! Fiber Art Now.

Fiber Art Now is headed up by editor-in-chief Marcia Young. Marcia has been running the online magazine Valley Fiber Life since 2009 and has taken the next step, by creating and publishing Fiber Art Now.

I am very excited to see the first issue due out in October. The magazine will be quarterly and you can get your subscription from their website.

NOTE: The Anilee Treasure Hunt starts tonight - be sure and check out the image/link for Anilee Treasure Hunt!


  1. Hi-

    I would like to reach the fiberarts community for an upcoming show our
    gallery is doing featuring alternative artforms. this is an opportunity
    for alternative art mediums to be displayed.

    Thank you,
    Sooo-z Mastropietro
    Gallery Director

    Rockwell Galleries Ridgefield invites the non-conventional art forms for
    the upcoming show RENEGADE : The Mavericks of Fabericks scheduled from
    January 31 –March 30. The show is open to all 3 dimensional works either
    freestanding or wall mounted with an emphasis on fiber arts. We are
    looking for excellent usage of alternative materials such as paper, jute,
    metal, wood, plastic, fabric, resin, etc. with a strong precedent on form.
    Works are to be under 48” in all directions, under 100 lbs, and sculptural
    pieces must have a pedestal provided.

    Please submit labeled jpegs (first initial. Last name TITLE IN CAPS) and
    include dimensions, medium, and price in your email to

  2. is this show for Jan. 2016 or is it long ago history of 2012?