Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Perfect Fall Project: Hand Painted Scarves

I spent the day yesterday hand painting scarves with Dye-Na-Flow! Wow, it's so much fun - not too mention so much quicker and easier than dyeing them! I have three sales coming up and thought it might be a good seller - especially with more variety.

I have a couple more scarves planned, but they are a bit more time intensive as they require some stitching. The plus side? I always try and make sure the scarves are something I would use, that way if they don't sell, I can cannibalize them into my own closet.

I'm very happy to have a sunny day here, yesterday was a bit gloomy. When I came into the studio this morning, the sunlight was lighting up my scarves wonderfully - what a cheery sight first thing in the morning.

Today's plans? Errands, some writing, and maybe some


  1. Your scarf colors are beautiful!

  2. Hi Steph,
    These scarves are gorgeous!!! Love the rich colors!
    I want to thank you for your kind comment about my recent iStudio post. I appreciate you taking the time to visit :)
    Happy weekend to you!