Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tip on Binding a Quilt (and some confessions...)

Firstly, I'm still alive! It's been ages since I've been able to post, and even though I can't show anything, I have gotten a tremendous amount done! I have gotten close to a dozen pieces quilted and the last just had the final hand stitches of binding put in about fifteen minutes ago. I still have hanging sleeves to go - but this is the final stretch! (Thank GOD!) The only thing left after that is slapping on the labels, and writing up a bit about each quilt.

I do have a confession though. I am a TV junkie. I really am. One of the first things I "needed" for my studio when we moved here was a TV. (This is the first studio I've had where it was even a logistical option!) But, that isn't even the main confession. 

The main confession is that I am a reality TV addict. Survivor, Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, used to watch The Apprentice (until I could no longer ignore/stand the misogynistic ways of "The Donald".) I even watched the reality shows about the Amish, AND the pirates one back in the day. But, thanks to my sister-in-law, I've reached new heights (shut up) of reality shows. First, it was Jersey Shore. I had resisted anything Jersey - but she subjected us to the first season first episode and I was hooked. (Who knew Snooki used to be the voice of reason in the house?) 

But now - I've moved on to The Kardashians. (Yes, even the spinoff.) I have to say - despite some drama (mild by reality show standards) I actually find the show inspiring. The girls actually seem to be pretty hard working ladies. Kim is on the go constantly (last could was something like 245 days of the year she has appearances or modeling gigs, etc.), Khloe and Kourtney run the Dash stores. The extra special perk of the show? It actually shows these beautiful women working out and jogging. If I could just get one of them to quilt - maybe I'd have a heroine???

This past Saturday I had a first! It was the first time I had given a full presentation to a group! My presentation was on reorganizing a studio. It was complete with a projected slide presentation even!  I think it went pretty well and was well received by the group. I have a fairly sizable fear of speaking so this was a definite growth moment for me. I loved giving the presenation! (I wouldn't mind giving it again!)


The most challenging part of putting the front side of the binding on for me, is joining the ends. I still need a picture diagram to get the two ends twisted right to meat up properly, and I always found that dealing with the bulk in between the ends made doing the mitered join very difficult - but I found a simple solution!

Mark your diagonal line on the left side as usual.

Fold your quilt in half, keeping binding up and out of the way.

Pull back, stopping halfway between where you stopped your stitching on the binding.

Use a binder clip to hold the layers together.

Lay a small ruler down, and use it as a base to easily pin your binding ends together.

Extra Tip - For a hanging sleeve!

For some of my hanging sleeved I needed to piece together two strips to be get the length I needed. I make sure to secure the seam allowance after stitching the ends together. These keeps the boards/bars from getting hung up on the seam allowance. Simply press the seam open and sew along the seam line on both sides. My allowance, was 1/2", so I sewed about 1/4" from the seam on both sides.


  1. Your presentation was wonderful! What will you give a talk on next?

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I have had the same problem with trying to join my binding ends. The binder clip and folding technique should do the trick!

  3. That is a great binding tip. I hope I can remember the binding clip when I get ready to put the next binding on!!