Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sage Words from a Mentor

If you follow the blog on Facebook, you probably know I've been having some machine issues. (Again??) Today my machine took a total shit. That's right, I said it. I've been having tension issues since I got it, had some things "repaired", had the liquid crystal panel go to hell and need replaced (that ain't cheap by the way).

When I did my lesson with Karen, we muddled through an issue that has dogged me since I got the machine - skipped stitches. I don't mean one here and there. I mean constantly and if I don't watch it can go on for an inch or more where the top goes but doesn't pick up any bobbin stitches.

1+ inch skipped stitches.

So, this morning I started working on a piece with a fairly short deadline (no, I'm not procrastinating, it's just a something-fell-into-my-lap kind of thing.) Skip, skip, skip to my...damnit! I couldn't complete a single line or pebble without stitches missing. I kept threading and rethreading, changed needles, adjusted tensions, adjusted bobbin tension. Tension starts going to crap too on the stitches that are staying. I go to reset the bobbin into the machine - open the door to a retched sound - and the bobbin mechanism presents itself, get this - upside down.

I try closing the door, it tries to go in but can't, open door, it comes out, upside down and the internal bobbin holder promptly falls out and onto my sewing table. Shit. You. Not. This thing is only supposed to be removable by techs, but my machine spit the (offending?) part right now. Puked it up.

I'm in a panic and pull out my old Bernina, my 1260 (God bless that little gal!) and get to work.

I get a good portion done, snap a pic and send it and the message "Here we go!! Thank god for old machines man!" to Karen. Then they came, the most sage words I've ever heard uttered from a quilt mentor:

"Rock out with your cock out, Stephanie!!!

Not every quilter gets that quote from me but you're special."

I informed her that I was pretty sure the unofficial secret name of my piece would now be "Rock out with your cock out". I then screenshot the conversation, because let's be honest, that was a fucking cool moment. And yes, she gave me permission to blog about this, don't believe me? I took a screen shot of that too. ;)

So in the words of Karen McTavish, feel free to go to your machine and also "Rock out with your cock out!"

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  1. why yes.. I think I shall ;)

    love it!

  2. 4 years ago, after saving for years, I bought a brand new $3000 "allegedly" German machine, only to discover that it was in fact MADE IN CHINA!!
    Have had nothing but trouble with the damn thing since day one!!
    Precision German engineering my arse!! I now sew on a 1950 singer featherweight which only cost a few hundred.
    May have to engage several cocks on the German one & see what happens!! LOL
    Worthing, UK