Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Good To Use?

One of the most common things I hear when I give a quilt, whether it be a baby quilt or a bed quilt, is "But it's too good to use on the bed!" I always assure them, that it's intended purpose is to be used! I don't believe I have any quilts that I feel are "too good" to use on my bed.

While cleaning and organizing my studio today, I was giving a lot of thought to this phenomenon. It's amazing that we have reached a point in our culture where handmade/handcrafted items are "too good? for us! It wasn't that long ago that you would have found handcrafted items everywhere in homes. From quilts to chairs, and clothes to beds! All of it was made by hand. Then came manufacturing and suddenly everyone wanted "store bought" items. At some point, homemade became a sign of "poor".

I have often been asked why someone should pay X dollar amount on a bed quilt from a quilter, when they can get a quilt the same size from "Xmart" for so much less. I gently try and tell them that they are perfectly welcome to spend less on the quilt from "Xmart", as long as they know that it will not last as long as a handcrafted quilt. I explain how the stitches on those quilts are generally longer and liable to break during regular washings and use. I try and explain how often times the fabrics used in them are of loose weave and will wear quickly.

The part that I leave out, is how nice it would be to purchase from someone in the area they live in. That the creator of the handcrafted quilt has put in a lot of time and effort and skill into the quilts they make.

So, with that in mind, I've decided to share some of the Etsy shops I've come across who have handcrafted items that I find pretty, quirky, beautiful and/or useful. I hope you'll check out their Etsy stores!

Gifts of the Lotus: Hand knit baby hats that are adorable!

dottyral's: Handmade Emery Pincushions, Rings,Emery for Pincushions

Art of Felting: Amazing felted dolls and wallhangings - WOW! 

Mermaid's Dream: Hand made clutch purses

 Now and Then Quilts:  Sweet children's quilts - though I want one for myself!

So check them out, and spend some time wandering around and exploring Etsy! There are so many wonderful artisans out there offering their wares! It's full of items that look "to good to use" that need to be used!


  1. I heard the story a while back where someone told their mother that lived in Poland that she was making a quilt and the mother thought she was having money problems to have to resort to making a quilt.

  2. What a great collection! Thanks so much for featuring my pincushions!