Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Block of the Month Posted!

Hi there! First, make sure you check out the second block in our Block of the Month section! (Click the BOM above.)

Today in Eden Prairie, MN we're under a wind advisory - it's CRAZY windy here. Not to mention cold! It's currently only 57 degrees, hard to believe a week ago it was over 90!

I've not posted for awhile - it started out with being stung multiple times by yellow jackets when mowing the lawn. I have had severe reactions in the past, fortunately it wasn't as bad this time. However, just as I was recovering I was lucky enough to experience a second surge of horrible called Serum Sickness. Awesome!

After that, I moved right into preparing for participating in an art studio crawl. It's Eden Prairies 2nd Art Crawl, and I'm very excited that I was juried in to participate. This means my home studio will be open to visitors September 25th and 26th as part of the crawl. Visit HERE to download/view the brochure for the Art Crawl - it has the hours and locations of the studio participating.

I was surprised to see that I am the only fiber artist taking part - I do know of at least three other fiber artists in the neighborhood. I'm hoping to educate the public about fiber art, and if I'm lucky sell a little!

What do you think the public needs to know about fiber art? Post a comment and share!

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