Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fab Felt!

First of all, I want to share something I saw while I was on a window shopping after lunch and wine day! I walked by a bridal store and saw this dress:

La Sposa Wedding Dress
La Sposa Wedding Dress

My jaw dropped, it really did! I went inside and after some discussion, (and the mention of havThen ing a blog) finally got the saleswoman to tell me who makes the dress: La Sposa! There are tiny little feathers sewn all over the skirt - it's beautiful! You can see the full La Sposa wedding gown and formal wear catalogue at their website.

I looked at all their gowns on their website, and they are all so pretty! Too bad I'm already married! It's tempting to buy it, to hang it in my studio -  but that's a lot of money to hang a dress!

This past weeked, I started working on an Eden Prairie series of pieces that represent the city I live it, and the nature we're immersed in. First I started with a piece of my hand dyed fabric:

Then I layered on some pieces with fusible on the back:

Then I added the netting layer on top, and also added some scrunched netting to get a water effect:

There is roving felted onto the cattails, as well as bits and pieces felted into the water area. I was doing this with my small hand held felting needle.

Here's a couple images of my local area that is the inspiration:

I can't wait to get the binding on this one!

Then last night, I was given an early birthday present (Thanks Z & S!):

A Janome Felting Machine! So far I have been playing around with things like this:

But, I did get some wool yarn felted onto a scarf I am working on:

I am so excited about the possibilities open to me with this machine! I look forward to sharing project ideas with you, using felting techniques!


  1. Love the cattails and water piece.

  2. How cool is that machine!!!!! You are really going to have fun!

  3. You scored! Yay to Zack and Sally, they saw the lust in your eyes when I brought mine over. You are going to have too much fun with it.