Friday, October 22, 2010

35 Degrees

That's right, it is 35 degrees here in Eden Prairie, MN this morning. There a little more than just fall in the air these days, especially at night! I saw on the weather report they are predicting we may have our first snow showers next week some time! Yes!! I am one of the horrible people that actually enjoys snow falls. I love seeing it hit the ground, gather on the tree branches, and the way it makes the entire city seem to glow at night sometimes. (I do not however, enjoy it as much come February!)

So here is a little taste of fall here. A good number of the trees are already turned and gone bare already. We have had a bone dry October so far, and our lawns are already starting to brown a bit, from a mixture of cold and dry.

I like this cold time of year, for two main reasons; I ADORE Christmas, and I don't go out as much in the winter so that by default means much more studio time!

Today I am finishing a project for the house, which I wrote about on my personal site, Journey of a Fiber Artist. Let's hope the good trend on that project continues! I'm also going to Ikea today, woohoo!

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  1. I am so jealous! Here in TX we may get to see a little Fall color but usually not. It won't be 35 degrees until January and then just for a minute. Snow is extremely rare here. So, enjoy the beautiful snowfall for all us Southern girls!