Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Quilt Pattern "Holiday Splendor"

Hi guys! As promised I am posting the free quilt pattern! It is also available by clicking the link "Free Quilt Pattern" above.

I had a lot of fun designing,  piecing and quilting this pattern! Then I had the opportunity to learn to use Adobe InDesign to make the pattern!

A big huge thank you to Anilee and Teri Harris Lucas for checking it over, editing and opinions! You were both a much needed help for me!

This is a fairly simple piece that will add some elegance to your holiday decor! The colors I have chosen for mine, will allow me to use it through fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

For those of you that make this quilt, I would LOVE to see the one you make! If you send me a picture of your completed Fall Splendor, I will post it here at The Fiber Nation, along with your website/blog/business name! I look forward to seeing what you guys do! Please email with "My Fall Splendor" in the subject line!


Holiday Splendor

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  1. That is so mucher cooler than I thought it would be. Very nice design and professional layout for the pattern. Beautiful.