Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Many of us spend time looking at other fiber art, whether it be online, in magazines for at shows. How many of us spend time looking at other art in general, like oil painting, watercolors. Or different art movement styles like Cubism or Impressionism? 

I like to spend time at museums just wandering and appreciating different styles, techniques and ideas. Not all of us live close enough to museums however. Most of us DO however, live close (enough) to a library.

Today, I stopped in at my local library, the Eden Prairie Library, and starting to pull books out that either the name or the spine peaked my interest. I came home with a nice collection of books.
 I plan to go through each of the books, and pick an image or two, and experiment with it in fibers. Learning the artistic movements and periods throughout history can be daunting, so I have turned to a tool that really helps me get the gist of a movement, children's books! With these, I can learn about the persiods without long winded commentary from art critics and historians (which I admit I am not currently all that interested in!)
So over the next days/weeks I will be devouring "my" new books, and working on some small pieces. I look forward to sharing results with you! 
I'm also planning on playing with CitraSolv, thanks to a couple members of my small quilting group - so be sure to be on the watch for the nifty things coming from that!

Do you expose yourself to the broader range of the fine arts?


  1. Yes, i try to have an Art-date with myself everything two weeks!

  2. This is a great idea! I am eager to see your results! I need to make time to do this!

  3. Hehe, I'm a librarian and part of my job is to "weed" the art books. I get to look at all of them, don't worry, I only toss the ones that are really grubby or unattractively out of date. Some always follow me home. I also like to read artists blogs, both fiber and other arts.