Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quilting Arts Magazine

I am stunned! A few months ago, I submitted an article/technique idea to Quilting Arts Magazine. I also applied for some grants at the same time, and entered a piece in the Road to California show. First, I found out that my piece made it in to Road to California! (Yay!) Then I heard back from one of the two grant proposals I put in, it was a no. (Boo!) Then today, while at the gym, and starting to lag and get tired, I got an email on my phone (serving as my ipod, no, I am NOT one of the gym cell phone talkers!) It was from "Patricia Bolton". They like my idea, and it will be in the August/September issue of 2011!

I nearly started crying at the gym. This good news could not have come at a better time for me. As you know, I've not blogged here in some time. I've also not done anything in my studio. Part of it is our heat has been broken on that floor and we're still waiting for parts. But mostly, it's just that I was feeling sort of down and uninspired. Now however, I feel encouraged and see many hours spend in my studio coming up. I may need to light the fireplace down there - though I've been trying to not have to due to so many fabrics being in there that could absorb smoke. (Any of you have any experience with a fireplace near your fabrics?)

Though I am uncertain of how much writing I will actually need to do (this is my first time in a magazine), I am still going to be a PAID writer. I'm still stunned! I've been a fan of Quilting Arts since it started, so for this to be the first magazine I will be in, I could NOT be more thankful this Thanksgiving!

First thing I will be doing back in the studio, is a present for a friend. Then I'll get started on my art again! 


  1. YAY for you!!! I'm on my own little lucky streak and i know the stunned/crying thing. YAY FOR YOU!!!! Enjoy it. Breathe through it!!

  2. Congratulations!! Embrace the good feeling!

  3. Congratulation Stephanie! The feeling must be amazing!



  4. Congratulations! I'm very happy for you and you should pat yourself on the back for your perseverance. Never give up on your dreams.

  5. You are very deserving of this. Now others can see how creative and talented you are. And to think I knew you when.......

  6. Wahoo. . .what awesome news!!! I'm jumping for joy here for you! This article is just a jump off point for you.

  7. Congratulations Stephanie! It takes a lot of no's before the yes's start coming. It's part of the process and it's not personal. Keep plodding along!

    Happy Quilting!