Friday, December 31, 2010

Fiber Nation 2010

This year is wrapping up, today is the last day! It's been a FAST year for me! One of the things I am most pleased about 2010 is the creation of The Fiber Nation. It was an idea that had been rolling around my brain for quite some time, but didn't have a name so I trudged on with my personal blog Journey of a Fiber Artist until inspiration came to me.
#6 “The Cream and Sugar / Lovers” 2002
35”h X 25”w
Susan Shie
In 2010 I learned how to edit a video and put it here on the blog, I learned how to write a pattern (and that it's not ever as easy as you want no matter how simple the pattern seems to be!) I also broke out of my shy shell a bit, and approached people for interviews/information.
A few highlight posts for me from 2010:
I'm so excited for 2011! My goals for The Fiber Nation this year are:
  • Work to offer more technique driven content
  • More essays concerning topics that touch on issues we fiber artists face
  • More interviews
  • More videos!

I would love to be able to sit down and plan out ahead of time topics for the blog posts. However, so far I have not been able to work that way. Perhaps I'll give it another go in 2011. Of course I have personal goals for the site here: work on taking more professional images for the blog now that I have a full photo box/light set, as well as increasing readership which is happening slowly but surely!

I am feeling very positive moving into the new year! I look forward to seeing The Fiber Nation grow more this year!
Ricky Timms, Alex Anderson and Ami Simms
Spring 2010 Market in Minneapolis
What about you? Do you have any resolutions/plan for 2011? Did you see any of your 2010 resolutions come to pass?

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