Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Studio Organizing and Design

Sometimes a change is needed. A prompt to clean the studio because of a studio tour that appears to be coming through Friday for a visiting artist to my guild.

I have had the studio set up two different ways so far, today sees a third. I was tired of not having an area for a design wall. So, I have had to sacrifice what I felt was the "ideal" set up for the furniture in order to clear a wall for the design wall.
To be fair, for now it is just a piece of black felt pinned to the wall. At some point I will get something more permanent set up. I'd like to use the insulation board stuff, as soon as I have access to a truck large enough to bring the piece home!

This new studio set up will also include a special place for my laptop to be set up with a printer while I am down here. This area is where I am writing this currently and I am so happy because I set it up next to one of my big windows overlooking the preserve! It's a writing "desk" that fits my dream vision of me sitting and writing the great american QUILT book! *wink*

This goes to show, that just because we think something is the ideal set up, does not mean we're necessarily correct! This set up, so far, is far superior to what it was this morning. Perhaps this means I should take the opportunity to find a more convenient home for my stereo as well. It's currently taking up an shelf that could be used for more of my organizing tubs.
So many things to do and find homes for to put away in! Although I still have clutter or things with no home so far, I still stand by the use of labeled tubs! I just need to finish going through and USING tubs to finish cleaning up the rest of the place!

What about you? What's your favorite organizational tool/idea in the studio?

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