Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Coming! (And Pellon is Great!)

Christmas is almost here, only ten days left! Of course it almost means that a lot of my creations are gifts, and I'm not able to share with you here because it would ruin the surprise for the recipients! I can show you a few things that have been happening here!

First, our sunrises have been STUNNING this season:
Second, we have gotten a TON of snow. This is an image of the parking at my gym - the red truck next to me is a full sized Ford to give you a reference for the snow height:
The lighting in a couple of the rooms in our house has really undergone a transformation as they skylights became covered with snow:

A neighbor who is selling her home dropped by one day with gifts for me, this is just once of them:
It's a silk wall hanging. The silk on the large right side is really deteriorating and I will need to carefully hand stitch it, layer tool and quilt it to preserve it for awhile. The embroidery is gorgeous, she said it's from Japan.

I often buy things I use a lot by the bolts. I had found a bolt of the Pellon fusible lightweight interfacing on sale quite a long time ago. Well, I needed some the other day. so I pulled the plastic off and went to use some only to quickly discover there was an issue with their instrucution ink:

The bolt was messed up all the way through with purple ink! I immediately got on the computer and found the company number for Pellon, gave them a call and within a few minutes they were shipping me a whole new bolt of interfacing! They were very apologetic and said there had been an issue with that batch with the inks so they had recalled all of it,  (they were probably surprised there was still one of these bolts out there!) Kudos to Pellon for great customer service.

Herman the Honu is on his way to California for the Road to California show! I hope he has fun, I wish I were joining him! Currently temperature here is 12F Windchill is 0F, and we have another winter weather advisory for a bunch more snow today/tomorrow. So, I'm pretty jealous of that little turtle right now! (To be fair though, he has to go face some serious judging, I don't!)

Of course, my kitties have no trouble finding warmth here. They are so appreciative of the work I put into the limited bed quilts I make, you can see it on faces!:

Now I am off to finish a couple presents, and then get some more wrapping done!


  1. Great kitty pictures and the sunrise was beautiful. Kudos to Pellon!

  2. Love those kitties... They sure do know how to find those great spots. Good customer service goes a long way.