Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy Peasy Marbling on Fabric!

Need: Shaving cream, protected work surface, fabric, freezer paper, inks/acryllics, combs. Iron fabric to be printed to freezer paper.

Spread out shaving cream to about a quarter inch or so thick, as smooth as possible.

Drop/dribble dye/ink onto the shaving cream.

Use comb and drag through the inks until satisfied with the mixture.

Place the fabric, face down onto the top of the shaving cream/ink mixture

Pat lightly with fingers to ensure all areas of the fabric make contact with foam underneath.

Peel fabric from foam quickly.

Pat or scrape off any excessive foam. Remove freezer paper from fabric.

Iron to heat set.



  1. Beautiful! How did you 'pat' off the excess without disturbing the pattern? What dye did you use?

  2. I love that technique. Beautiful pictures and great instructions.

  3. To get the excess off I used a damp microfiber towel and patted it off. You can just leave it and let it dry then it sort of powders off too.