Thursday, November 24, 2011

In My Room - Marianne Fons

Because I had brothers only, I enjoyed a room of my own growing up. The one I remember best was in Houston, Texas, where I lived with my family from fifth grade through high school graduation.
A born project-lover, I painted by numbers there. I decoupaged. I sewed clothes for my Barbie doll. In my room, I read Women's Wear Daily, daily, dreamed of moving to New York City to become a famous fashion designer, and sewed not-ready-for-prime-time fashions on my mom's Singer Featherweight.

My favorite room currently is of course my sewing room. It sports a standing-height cutting table, a sit-down cabinet where my machine is recessed at table-top level, track lighting I can direct anywhere I want, and a big design wall. My fabrics are in a double-door closet in wire basket drawers. My room is heaven.

In my room just this week I completed my latest Quilt of Valor, pieced the backing for it and another QOV top made recently by my daughter Mary Fons, re-organized my collection of wools, and pulled a few now-out-of-favor fabrics from my stash to put in the Goodwill box.

As I worked, I listened contentedly to public radio, sipped cocoa, and watched the last few leaves float down from our study maple tree, thinking of the winter ahead and the two, no, three, no, four quilts coming up on my mental to-do list. 

A big thank you to Marianne Fons for being a guest writer here at The Fiber Nation for the past year! Thank you so much Marianne!

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