Monday, June 18, 2012

Sharpies on Fabric

I showed some quilting friends recently how you can draw onto fabric with Sharpie markers, and then spray/douse/etc the fabric with rubbing alcohol to make the colors bleed. I just used a small scrap piece - around 5"x8".

I almost threw it away, but noticed it looks like the northern lights. I had a challenge to do, the topic was "Pearl". Every time I tried to think of what to do for it, I kept envisioning a cat. So, here is "Pearl the Cat and the Northern Lights". The background is done with the rubbing alcohol/Sharpies. The tree and Pearl were done with Tsukineko inks. Added some bling from Kandi Corp.

 I have lots of things that I want Pearl to see and experience now, and I suspect you will see her again often. I will probably put most of the updates as the series progresses on my personal blog at Stephanie Forsyth: Journey of a Fiber Artist.


  1. That is pretty cool. Look forward to seeing more or Pearl. Sandi

  2. What a cool concept! I haven't tried making the markers run. . .I've just tried to have them not run! I love the texture you created and the story you are starting about Pearl, the cat.

  3. Very cool technique and suff a pretty little piece. I too hope to see more of "Pearl".

  4. Golly does that technique ever touch off ideas.. gotta do it.