Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Play date with Melanie Testa

I'm in NYC for the week, and spent the second day yesterday playing and making art with Melanie at her beautiful apartment and home studio. She offered to show me around Brooklyn and I sheepishly asked if we could do some arty things instead. I have not created anything since Mitzie passes away. Yesterday felt so healing, creating with a similar soul also missing her kitty kat. It was a special day!

Melanie showed me how to make multi colored stamps from craft foam - I loved it! I can't wait to explore this concept more when I get home.

She also gifted me two metal pieces to rust and print with, an adorable cotton bag she stamped, and we made stamps! The snowflake is hers (she also gave me her stamp!) and the lotus flower/ flame one is mine.

All in all, one of my favorite days of all time now! Thanks Melanie!

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