Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Creative Goals

It's January, and much like a zillion other people out there I am in the throes of trying to organize my home and my studio in that home. I have learned I have to treat them as two separate places entirely or it's far too overwhelming!

I'm also spending January letting things mull around my mind about goals for the year. I haven't been setting definite goals the last couple years. Instead I was setting a "theme". This year however, I think I need to set some specific goals to meet, personally, creatively and professionally.

So far some of my goals are:

• Possibly writing a book - waiting to hear about whether they are going to contract me. (*fingers crossed*)

• Taking a watercolor class - I am more than excited about this!

• Reducing what is in my studio - I hope!

• Try to do something creative as many days a week as I can - no matter how small

• Work on learning the functions of my new Digital SLR camera

• Try to enter a fine art show - either with fiber or watercolor

• Write for my blogs more often

Those are what I've come up with so far for my art goals. Of course there are personal goals to set as well, such as weight loss (and I hope to come up with a specific number rather than, just lose weight in general.)

This may also prove to be a pretty stressful year, so another goal to set will likely be things like meditation, yoga, and massages to combat the effects of stress.

Do you have any goals you're setting this year?

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