Friday, March 29, 2013

In the Studio - It's Spring!

It's springtime and I'm enjoying the snow melting outside the studio windows. It's moving a bit slower than I'd prefer, but it has to warm up eventually!

I finished my 12"x12" for the SAQA auction donation:

Also got a couple of pieces done up with some ideas/sketches I had:

Today I'm off to lunch with my man who is off for Good Friday. Vegetarian sushi time for me!

Busy weekend ahead, and not much time for the studio. But I get to see friends and family, so it's a good tradeoff. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Happy Easter. I just love your work...or your fun! I paint but I'd really love to try some of what you do. Is there a tutorial for painting on clothing like you have done here? Thanks, Sandra